Whatever Happened To?…Mobiles


Mobiles were an Eastbourne based synth pop band that enjoyed a UK top ten hit with “Drowning In Berlin” in 1982. Signed to the Rialto record label, the band were fronted by singer Anna Maria, with Dave Blundell chief songwriter and bass, Russ Madge and Chris Downton on guitars, and John and Eddie Smithson on keyboards and drums respectively.

Here’s “Drowning In Berlin”.

A follow up single, “Amour Amour” stalled at number 45, and a further five 7″ releases failed to chart, leading to the dissolution of the band in 1984.

“Amour Amour”

Following the break up, Madge and Maria would form the short lived Avengers, releasing two non chart singles on the MCA label.

Here’s “Oh Baby”

Anna Maria is now a health professional in Sussex, Madge and his family live on The Orkney Isles and Blundell resides in Madrid.

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