De Rosa – Weem (2016): Review


Label – Rock Action

The Bellshill collective return after a seven year hiatus with a distinctively refined sound from the fuzz and feedback of their 2006 debut “Mend”, and its 2009 follow up “Prevention”. “Weem” is a more tempered affair, a slant towards a combination of intricate soft rock and folk. The sonic gestures are quaint, the sense of introspection grows as the listener becomes more familiar, with lines that form an imaginary evocation of the Scottish Highlands that formed the inspiration for the songs. Completed by a hint of Mogwai influenced explorative electronica and King Creosote’s honest raw roots they’ve melded a fine collection that requires the listener’s concentration to reveal its understated beauty. The record is book ended by it’s most striking moments, with the irresistible slow burn of “Spectres” to open, and the glorious chorus of “The Mute” making for a memorable closing shot. It’s a transition record and although not fully realized by outstanding songs, still makes clear a mood and tempo that feels like a genuine progression from previous recordings.


Track Rating
1 – Spectres (8)
2 – Lanes (7)
3 – Chip On My Shoulder (7)
4 – Scott Fank Juniper (7)
5 – Falling Water (7)
6 – Fausta (7)
7 – Prelude To Entropic Doom (7)
8 – The Sea Cup (7)
9 – Devils (7)
10 – Lanes (Reprise) (6)
11 – The Mute (9)

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