New Albums Roundup: Susanne Sundfør, Mavericks and Dutch Uncles

sundforSusanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Carefully arranged, Susanne Sundfør’s sixth release is a strange creation that combines simple synth pop with grand chamber pop. The songs are direct evocations of the complexity of love that are at times devastatingly poignant. One has to ask just why she isn’t phenomenally successful other than in her home nation, as this is the first essential recording of 2015.


mavericksThe Mavericks – Mono

Their ability to capture the spirit of latin tinged rock and roll without finding it necessary to wholly revere to the past is admirable. They harness their enthusiasm for a particular style of music with no apology, and as always sound authentic, without ever reverting to cliché.


dutchDutch Uncles – O Shudder

Their brand of wimp pop is apparently inspired by King Crimson. Clever clever instrumental noodling and melodies that seem to be made up as they go along, but worst of all it’s so incredibly tame. I bet they’re always in by midnight, never play their stereo too loud and are respectful to their mum’s.


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