New Album Roundup: Idlewild, Room 94 and Steve Earle


Idlewild – Everything Ever Written

It’s a return to form of sorts. Whilst not scaling the sonic heights of previous recordings it’s a more than worthy addition to a catalogue of creative accomplishment and “Utopia” is one of the reminders that they still have an ability to deliver charming indie pop.


94Room 94 – Room 94

Who thought it could be possible to be worse than Busted and McFly? It’s difficult to see how this LP could further their already negligible reputation. Sadly, “Room 94” is just seven short of where it truly belongs…Room 101.


earleSteve Earle And The Dukes – Terraplane

Country and blues aficionados will understand that Earle continues to trawl influences that were relevant before they were born, but it’s all too patchy and narrow in perspective to appeal to a broader public.


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