New Albums Roundup: Rhiannon Giddens, Imagine Dragons and Thunder

rhiannonRhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow Is My Turn

The debut long player from the former Carolina Chocolate Drops member is a celebration of both roots Americana and the female singers that shaped popular gospel, folk, blues and soul. Carefully directed by T Bone Burnette, Giddens doesn’t sound out of place re-enacting the classics of her forebears on this fine performance.


imagineImagine Dragons – Smoke + Mirrors

Lots of booming drums, chanting vocals and megadome production can’t hide that Imagine Dragons music is a soulless beast, manufactured for maximum attention with minimal effort. Perfectly titled, it attempts to fool you into thinking that the Las Vegas four piece are a serious proposition, when really there’s few albums that sound as unremittingly and infectiously vacuous as this.


wonderdaysThunder – Wonder Days

It’s a hard rock album packed full of reminiscence, with little to entice new conscripts. Having reformed in 2009, one wonders why it has took six years to construct a collection of ancient riffs, motifs, gestures and other irrelevancies, when they could have churned this drivel out in two weeks.



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