New Albums Roundup: The Unthanks, Gretchen Peters and JD McPherson

unthanksThe Unthanks – Mount The Air

Their first long player in four years is a carefully arranged mix of traditional folk with added flourishes of jazz that for the most part works extremely well. The Unthank sisters sing with a touchingly sweet sincerity that’s occasionally held back by the album’s overtly restrained pace. A little less conviction to classy presentation and a little more carefree spirit will undoubtedly bring the outstanding album they are capable of.


petersGretchen Peters – Blackbirds

Some of the subject matter may be dark, often disturbing, but the warm washes of traditional folk and country allied with Peters beautiful tones make for a triumphant return. “Blackbirds” is a powerful piece of incisive poetry set to the simplest melodies that makes one wonder why the heck isn’t she a national treasure in her homeland?


jdJD McPherson – Let The Good Times Roll

Whilst I’m not sure if McPherson knows if Rock n’ Roll or R&B revivalism is his forte, the Oklahoma kid is a decent songwriter who delivers his songs with verve, energy and overall, just enough charm to pull off both genres. Granted, none of this is particularly original, but it’s well intentioned, harmless fun.


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