Whatever Happened To? Coast To Coast


Coast To Coast were a rock and roll revival group who enjoyed a number 3 U.K. hit single with a cover version of “(Do) The Hucklebuck” in 1981. Formed in 1977 they were originally led by singer Alan Mills, with backing singers Pattie Hem and Donna Page (real name Sarah Page). Mills left in 1980 and was replaced by Sandy Fontaine (real name Sandy Richardson) and held vocal duties until the group disbanded in 1985.

Here’s the music video for “(Do) The Hucklebuck” from the archives…

Following the split, Fontaine would continue to record, releasing two singles, “Ten Gallon Hat” and “What Do I Want”.

Alan Mills continues to play and perform as Alan Mills And Coast To Coast. Here he is performing “(Do) The Hucklebuck” in 2011.


Most recently he appeared at Kettering Athletic WMC in Kettering.


2 responses to “Whatever Happened To? Coast To Coast

  1. I would like to know if a Steve Palmer was in the group.
    As he is my ex husband. He used to lark about a Jamie a lot.

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