Spinal Tap Discography: The Sun Never Sweats (1975)


Megaphone DS201

Track Listing
1 – Mighty Ouroboros (Prologue)
2 – Daze of Knights of Old
3 – The Princess and the Unicorn
4 – The Garden of Mists
5 – The Obelisk
6 – The Sun Never Sweats
7 – Devil Take the Hindmost
8 – Nocturnal Mission
9 – Stonehenge
10 – Mighty Ouroboros (Epilogue)

Another concept album, this time based on stories of old English mythology. The band penned the title having heard bassist Derek Smalls mis-quote the saying “The sun never sets on the British empire”. The version of “Stonehenge” on this recording is the full length 12 minute epic that became a huge hit and fan favourite.

Stonehenge (edit)

The Sun Never Sweats


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