Whatever Happened To…? Beverley Craven


Sri Lankan born British singer songwriter enjoyed significant attention with her smash hit “Promise Me” in 1991, and since then has sold over 4 million albums worldwide. Her self titled debut long player, produced by Paul Samwell-Smith would reach number 3 in the charts.

Here’s “Promise Me” and “Woman To Woman” from her debut…

Mothering three daughters during the remainder of the decade led to sporadic recorded material, with two albums, 1993s “Love Scenes”, 1999s “Mixed Emotions”, and minor hits with only “Love Scenes” cracking the UK top 40 chart…

Following the release from her recording contract with Epic in 1999, Craven announced that she would retire from performing to concentrate on the raising of her daughters.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and through treatment managed to make a full recovery.

In 2009, Craven re-surfaced with a new collection (“Close To Home”), written and self produced on her own label. The album was promoted by the single “Rainbows”…

In 2010, Craven and her husband Colin Campsie split after 19 years of marriage.

In September 2014 a new record was released, titled “Change Of Heart”, and reached number 90 in the charts.

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