New Album Roundup: Papa Roach, Gaz Coombes and Periphery

papaPapa Roach – F.E.A.R.
The Nu-metallers return for their eighth studio album as a band out of time and safely wading in shallow waters. There’s not a move we haven’t heard hundreds of times before as they revamp former glories without a hint of innovation or progression. One has to groan and wonder how anybody could be so naive as to buy into this in 2015?


coombesGaz Coombes – Matador
Of course, it’s a world away from the frenetic and frivolous Supergrass sound, but as Coombes matures into a serious rock wordsmith he perfectly displays the personal highs and lows, the strengths and weaknesses of simply being…Gaz Coombes. A worthy investment.


alphaPeriphery – Juggernaut:Alpha
A place for Djent fans to mark time whilst waiting for the next Meshuggah record.


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