Scissor Sisters – Ta-Dah (2006): Review


Produced by Scissor Sisters
Label – Polydor/Universal

UK audiences have always had a deep affection for high camp, and Scissor Sisters rise to prominence in 2004 was of little surprise. That their debut album sold an enormous 2.7 million copies demonstrates that their success wasn’t just built on flamboyant imagery, but a consistent strength in quality songs and joyous delivery which was a world away from much of the manufactured pop of its time. Ultimately this maintained an interest from both teen and adult audiences. “Ta-Dah” has many of its predecessors traits, however, lurking beneath the bright melodies are some dark, often despairing lyrics trapped inside the glamorous facade. Front man Jake Shears reveals the tangible strain straight from the off, with opener “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” exemplifying the emotional come down amidst the sunniest, brash and uplifting tune. Co-written with Shears’ mentor, Elton John, there’s enough biting innuendo and duality to enrich what is one of the genuine highlights of this collection.


Overall, “Ta-Dah” sticks to the blueprint of their debut long player, with a hearty mix of Bee Gees meets Elton with a little splash of Freddie Mercury for good measure, and just enough New York street savvy to keep the songs as frothy as a frappucino, as sweet as a glace cherry. It isn’t as strong as their debut, and has an ocassional tendency to sound too devoted to its influential peers. There are signs where the stylized sound, although fun, hides some gaping holes in creativity and originality. Particular examples of this inferiority can be starkly noticed of Ana Mantronic’s vocal led Euro-Disco bore, “Kiss You Off”, the bland stomper “Ooh”, and the unnecessary Queen toodle-do, “I Can’t Decide”. Along with the excitement of the opener, catch the ambient/pop lament of a true diamond in “The Other Side”, where Shears breaks your heart with his lovelorn lines “If it takes another life, I’ll wait for you on the other side, everything that comes to me as good belongs to you. I’ll count my blessings as I wait for you on the other side.” It’s all tear inducing stuff and a bright star in an album that works well but rarely qualifies as progress.

Exuberant, fun loving and at times stimulating, “Ta-Dah” is as immediate as ever, even though there’s nowhere near the bite of its predecessor. Scissor Sisters mirrorball world continues to shine as they break through the potential sophomore slump with ease.


Track Listing
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ 4:48
She’s My Man 5:31
I Can’t Decide 2:46
Lights 3:35
Land Of A Thousand Words 3:50
Intermission 2:36
Kiss You Off 5:02
Ooh 3:29
Paul McCartney 3:44
The Other Side 4:22
Might Tell You Tonight 3:20
Everybody Wants The Same Thing 4:22

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