New Album Roundup: Viet Cong, Meghan Trainor and The Charlatans

meghanMeghan Trainor – Title
Superficial, smug and soulless, Trainor throws countless balls of retro influences in the air, and conspicuously fails to catch any of them. Only pre-teens and grandmothers need apply to her dull, secondhand offering.


vietViet Cong – Viet Cong
This Calgary four piece have produced some really interesting, shadowy and deep post punk creations. Although slightly uneven, the more you listen, the more you get locked in. A very promising debut.


charlatansThe Charlatans – Modern Nature
Easy paced reminiscences of good times passed, The Charlatans have survived with dignity, and this leisurely stroll has the perfect aura for the calm early hours. Maybe not their most vital recording, but nonetheless Tim Burgess and co. continue to deliver surprisingly innate indie rock charms.


2 responses to “New Album Roundup: Viet Cong, Meghan Trainor and The Charlatans

  1. I haven’t heard the Meghan Trainor album but I quite like the other two releases. I’ve been a Charlatans fan for years and have all their albums and “Modern nature” is probably their best since “Simpatico”, maybe since “Tellin’ stories”.

  2. You don’t need to hear the Meghan Trainor album. Pleased to hear you like the Viet Cong record. I was a little “meh” whe I first heard it but it’s a definite grower. As for The Charlatans…I agree.

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