New Album Roundup: Sleater Kinney, Aphex Twin and Funeral For A Friend

skSleater Kinney – No Cities To Love
The 10 year hiatus hasn’t tempered their resolve for innovation. As taut, and musically confrontational as anything from their back catalogue. Love them or loathe them, there is no band that sound likes Sleater Kinney, and they remain just as valuable as they have ever been.



Funeral For A Friend – Chapter And Verse
Their aged and tuneless post hardcore reflects how little they have progressed. It’s all noisy bluster and fevered activity where nothing is either resolved or achieved. Shouting through a microphone will never disguise an alarming lack of quality.


aphexAphex Twin – Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt II
Meant as a companion piece to 2001s “Drukqs” it’s the sound of Richard D James clearing the cache from his computer. Disjointed, half finished and lacking any cohesion whatsoever, one really feels that the man is spending far, far too long locked in his bedroom.


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