Spinal Tap Discography: Here’s More Tap (1974/75?)



Track Listing
1 – Girls With Pretty Throats
2 – Damned Is A Blessing
3 – Crack Of Dawn
4 – Contract Disease
5 – Won’t Quit Sniffin’ Around
6 – Her Heart Said No (But Her Hand Said Yes)
7 – Steel Wool Soup
8 – Bent-Over Bobbie
9 – Black Wizard, White Bitch
10 – The Wind Broke Free

This collection had a planned release date of late 1974/early 1975,however Megaphone records stated that the album was, in their words “too musically un-appealing for release”. Cracks were beginning to show in the band’s relationship with their record label, and the song “Contract Disease” is about a rock band that sell their own testicles to get a record deal. Various statements from the band over the years have denied that “Bent-Over Bobbie” is a song about homosexuality.

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