New Album Roundup: The Decemberists, The Waterboys and Marilyn Manson


The Decemberists – What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

More than a decade from their breakthrough and Colin Meloy hasn’t run out of subject matter yet. “Terrible/Beautiful…” continues his intriguing lyricism with a musical diversity that shows the Portland band are as relative as ever. No outstanding tunes, but there’s a hearteningly perverse determination to investigate new ideas in their own inimitable style. 7/10

waterThe Waterboys – Modern Blues

The Nashville influence may not be glaringly obvious, but recording an album in the city has given Mike Scott a revitalizing lift that gives the songs a rare passion and articulacy of sound, style and delivery. Simple human emotions from an old man who still has the romantic notions of an eager teen. 8/10


 Marilyn Manson – Pale Emperor

Heavy duty snores as Manson trudges on with the usual sonic dirge that’s littered his recent recordings, from killing strangers, Armageddon, Satan, and of course, death. There needs to be a sense of genuine peril for his music to be effective, which sadly doesn’t appear here. 5/10

2 responses to “New Album Roundup: The Decemberists, The Waterboys and Marilyn Manson

  1. Nice post. I’ve been curious about that new Waterboys release. Your review might just push me to check it out.

  2. The title’s misleading actually. It’s just a great rock workout and definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the reply and have a great musical day!

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