New Album Roundup: Enter Shikari, Belle And Sebastian and Above & Beyond

enterEnter Shikari – The Mindsweep
At last! A more focused compilation, as the St Albans four piece combine their post hardcore/metal/trance sound into something resembling maturity. It’s an aggressive, cohesive, strongly bonded set of songs that show a progression this reviewer thought beyond them. The rousing “The Last Garrison” is without doubt their best song yet.
belleBelle & Sebastian – Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance
The tragedy is that if Stuart Murdoch had dispensed with the unconvincingly thin electro pop numbers and therefore slimmed the length of the album down to 40-45 minutes this would undoubtedly be the indie pop album of the year. Granted, a half good B&S album is still superior to most of the pap that fills the charts these days.
aboveAbove & Beyond – We Are All We Need
Proof yet again that trance music hasn’t moved forward since the mid 90s. Lots of spacious build ups and euphoric chorus’, but little else of substance, with the slower songs dwelling like the unfortunate reminder of better days past.

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