The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant (2009): Review


Produced by Nick Launay
Label – Wichita/Warner Bros

Judged purely by the results of their three previous long players, the Wakefield trio have yet to make the high quality collection to match the rock critics hype and although they’ve released some fine singles, consistency seems an achievement beyond their reach. “The New Fellas” for example was a mixed bag, summed up by memorably biting zip of the breakthrough single “Hey Scenesters” to the inconsequential chav boy whoops and hollers of “Martell”. “Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever”, produced by Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos showed the inevitable ironing out of the more shambolic tendencies and hinted that the band were moving towards a contrasting maturity that would shape their future releases. And now, to further cement their potential as mainstream indie rockers they’ve recruited legendary guitarist Johnny Marr as a full time member. It’s a decision that makes perfect sense given that Marr has an inkling for melodic potential, and there’s the inevitable kudos an ex-Smith brings to the band dynamic. His guitar work adds an increased depth, allowing Ryan Jarman’s angular riffs a freedom yet envisaged. The resultant coalition of a two pronged guitar attack manifests in an album that steers towards the mainstream alternative rock the band have striven hard for. “Ignore The Ignorant” is less a re-invention, more a defined evolution that constitutes expansively dark overtones, rather than ragged aggression.


“We Were Aborted” kicks the album off in rousing style, a snide attack at the “lads mags” that fill the newsagent’s mid shelves with images and stories of booze, boobs and blood and little other substance. ” Cheat On Me” may just The Cribs most fulfilling and best single yet, and bears more sonic resemblance to mid 80s jangle pop than early noughties Yorkshire. Marr’s guitar adds refreshingly tuneful support to the Jarman’s limited vocal abilities, particularly on “Last Years Snow” and “Emasculate Me”, which interestingly address male ennui. “City Of Bugs” at over six minutes, carries an uncompromising beast of a groove that proves the progression the band have made from raw potential to realized craftsmen. If there is a fault, then it doesn’t lie with the foursome. Nick Launay’s production effort is at best colourless, at worst, dull and lifeless. Songs like “Hari Kari” and “Victim Of Mass Production”, which should have bore the trademark zest and razor sharp directness, are left devoid of energy, stodgy and limp.

Overall, “Ignore The Ignorant” is The Cribs best effort yet, but it could have been so much more.


Track Listing
1. “We Were Aborted” 3:09
2. “Cheat on Me” 3:24
3. “We Share the Same Skies” 3:15
4. “City of Bugs” 6:22
5. “Hari Kari” 3:44
6. “Last Year’s Snow” 3:35
7. “Emasculate Me” 3:35
8. “Ignore the Ignorant” 3:18
9. “Save Your Secrets” 4:29
10. “Nothing” 3:41
11. “Victim of Mass Production” 4:08
12. “Stick to Yr Guns” 5:08

3 responses to “The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant (2009): Review

  1. This is a band I keep meaning to check out but never get around to it. Tell me. With all the great music out there, are they worth it?

    • Quite honestly I can’t find any reason for them to be top of anyone’s list of music to check out. I’ve listened extensively to 3 of their albums, all of which were mildly entertaining.

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