Spinal Tap Discography: Intravenus De Milo (1974)

Intravenus de Milo Spinal Tap album

Label Megaphone DST2891

Track Listing
1 – Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
2 – Intravenus de Milo
3 – Saliva of the Fittest
4 – Women Are a Piece of Cake
5 – My Axe Collection
6 – Rock and Roll Nightmare
7 – Nice ‘n’ Stinky
8 – Eye of the Snake
9 – Hell’s Children
10 – Tease Me, Squeeze Me

Whilst other bands were experimenting with quadrophonic recordings, Spinal Tap released this album in the newly developed Triphonic sound. Thousands of fans were disappointed as it meant searching round Hi fi stores for a single speaker. The LP was a huge commercial disaster for both Megaphone and the band, and infamously was accidently awarded bronze status for a million copies returned by record stores to the distributors. The band openly stated that the drug related lyrics of the title track had prompted the BBC to ban the song. However, on further investigation it was found that the broadcaster never had any intention of playing it anyway.

2 responses to “Spinal Tap Discography: Intravenus De Milo (1974)

  1. As you know Hackskeptic. I worked for Randy California before I joined the Regulars and he was looking for a way around the third speaker problem. He took this very seriously and spoke to a plastic surgeon in San Diego about having an extra ear grafted on. Randy insisted on the ear being taken from a musician and shortly before the planned operation he was matched with conductor Pedro Fellatio of the Puerto Rico Philharmonic who’d been the victim of a vicious attack by his Chilli chef. The ear, initially in perfect condition eventually wound up under a table leg at Graceland to prevent Elvis losing sausage rolls. Rock and roll!

  2. haha, Triphonic sound should have been more seriously considered I feel. I heard Rick Wakeman liked the concept and was even looking at the “double” Triphonic sound for his “Six Wives Of Henry VIII” album.

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