Missing In Action: Glenn Miller


Bandleader/trombonist Miller, headed up the U.S. Army Air Force Band, which gave numerous performances to entertain the troops during World War II. Whilst stationed in England in 1944, he learned that his band was to travel to Paris. On December 15, Miller boarded a transport plane headed to the newly liberated French capital. He intended to make preparations for his group’s new series of concerts there, but never arrived. His plane disappeared somewhere over the English channel, never to be found.

Since then, various conspiracy theories have emerged but the UK Ministry of Defence have agreed that the “most likely solution” is that his plane was brought down by bombs jettisoned from an RAF aircraft returning from a mission in Germany. It was commonplace for bomber crews to release un-used bombs as the action reduced weight, therefore conserving fuel. It’s possible that Miller’s flight (which would have been at a lower altitude), was the unfortunate target. The full story may never be revealed.

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