Spinal Tap Discography: Blood To Let (1972)


Label – Megaphone

Side 1
1 – Blood To Let
2 – Brain Drain
3 – Feel the Flesh
4 – Razor Blade Love
5 – Sally She-Devil

Side Two
6 – Ring Around the Ribcage
7 – Swinging Blade (Cut Me Down To Size Again)
8 – Handshake with Hades
9 – Crimsonfinger
10 – The Eve of the Day

The original title and lyrical content of “Feel The Flesh” was “Peel The Flesh”. Megaphone insisted that the band re-record the song as they felt the original too graphically disturbing. Despite the perception that “Razor Blade Love” concerns suicide, it was in fact written by Derek Smalls and reportedly represents his recovery from cocaine addiction. Legend has it that a teenager committed suicide whilst listening to this record. Coroners botched the autopsy and recorded the death as a result of “boredom”.

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