The Selecter – Too Much Pressure (1979): Review


Produced by Errol Ross and The Selecter
Label – 2 Tone/Chrysalis

1980 debut from the Coventry based 7 piece led by Pauline Black on vocals, with main song writing contributions from guitarist Neol Davies. Following the Ska revival which was heralded by The Specials and Madness, The Selecter were the 3rd successful act to come from the period, and were one of the bands to appear on the Two Tone tour of 1979. By the time of the release of “Too Much Pressure” they had enjoyed top 10 success with the quirky Dance/Ska number “On My Radio”. The album follows a similar vein, and although the songs aren’t always consistent, the collection is buoyed up with its spontaneous “Live” feel, and a strong performance from Miss Black.


The follow up long player, “Celebrate The Bullet” would be a commercial and critical disaster, ultimately leading to the dissolution of the band, but as a standalone recording “Too Much Pressure” is an admirable reminder of those heady days of late 1979, when popular music was changing on an almost week to week basis. Enjoy “Missing Words”, “Three Minute Hero”, “Everyday”, “Too Much Pressure”, and “Out On The Streets”. Avoid “They Make Me Mad”, “My Collie” and the truly awful “James Bond”.


Track Listing
1.”Three Minute Hero” – 3.00
2.”Everyday – 3.10
3.”They Make Me Mad” – 2.47
4.”Missing Words” – 3.22
5.”Danger” – 2.38
6.”Street Feeling” – 3.11
7.”My Collie (Not A Dog)” – 2.45
8.”Too Much Pressure” – 3.48
9.”Murder” – 2.39
10.”Out On The Streets” – 3.28
11.”Carry Go “Bring Come” – 3.02
12.”Black and Blue” – 3.17
13.”James Bond” – 2.16

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