Spinal Tap Discography: Nerve Damage (1971)


Label – Megaphone

1 – Nerve Damage
2 – A Sting on the Tail
3 – Pity No Prisoner
4 – Glandlocked
5 – Big Flaming Taxi

Side Two
6 – Plant the Demon Seed
7 – Fear of a Black Strap
8 – Miss Scarlet
9 – Calm Lydia (Can’t Catch Me)
10 – Snake Shake Boogie

“Pity No Prisoner” was originally recorded for the previous album “Brain Hammer” and follows similar lyrical themes as “Shackle And Stone” from the album. The band made the decision to reference dungeons in one song per album, hence the hold over. “Miss Scarlet” was originally titled “Cluedo-sex”, however copyright issues led to a hasty change before release.

2 responses to “Spinal Tap Discography: Nerve Damage (1971)

  1. You left it backstage in Cleveland. If you just take a little jog to just left of the light control panel, it’s there.

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