Spinal Tap Discography: Flak Packet (1970?)



Track Listing
Side One
The Emission Position
Balls On Fire
It’s A Jungle Down There
Kiss The Queen’s Lips Goodbye
Flak Packet

Side Two
Corporal Punishment Academy (I’m Going To Spank U)
Spread Bald Eagle
Smokin’ The Pink Cigar
Place Your Armies Around Me

There is no definitive information of the recording of “Flak Packet”, but the best estimate is that it was set to be the follow up to “Brainhammer”. Record label Megaphone canned the finished product as it promoted a very strong pro-war stance, in contrast to the anti-war themes and views that were prevalent at the time. The inside cover showed the band in a military Jeep with bass player Derek Smalls preparing to fire a mounted machine gun into the skies. “Kiss The Queens Lips Goodbye” was a fond farewell to a local pub in Squatney, frequented by David St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnel. The pub was renamed The Gun, and can be seen on the Spinal Tap rockumentary.

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