Banned By The BBC (Part 6)


Moral panic and political censorship have created a long tradition of records filtered out of the BBC radio playlist. Here’s some notable examples…

The Beatles – I Am The Walrus (1967)
The Beatles managed to get the BBC’s knickers in a knot with this track, for mentioning, well… knickers. The lines “pornographic priestess” and “let your knickers down” were deemed inappropriate and the record banned.

The Troggs – I Can’t Control Myself (1966)
The lines “Your slacks are low and your hips are showing” earned the song a ban from the BBC.

George Michael – I Want Your Sex (1987)
“Sex is natural, Sex is good, Not everybody does it, But everybody should”. George’s subversive post-Wham polemic had BBC chiefs all of flurry when it popped out in 1987, so they banned any pre-watershed plays. Which meant only John Peel could play it. Highly unlikely.


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