Musical Collaborations From Beyond The Grave (Part 3)


Elvis Presley and JXL – A Little Less Conversation (2002)
This electronic remix featured Elvis with a lower voice, with added emphasis to the 1968 guitars, horns and a funky drums sound. Tom Holkenborg (JXL) was the first artist to receive authorization from the Elvis Presley Estate to remix an Elvis Presley song.

Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion – All The Way (1999)
Dion recorded “All the Way” as a duet with Sinatra (using the vocals from his 1963 Reprise recording) on her 1999 compilation album All the Way… A Decade of Song and also performed the song in virtual duet in her Las Vegas show, A New Day…. This version of the song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Collaboration.

The Beatles – Free As A Bird (1995)
Ringo Starr said that as Lennon was not in the studio, the three remaining Beatles agreed they would pretend that Lennon had “gone for lunch”, or had gone for a “cup of tea”.

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