Loretta Lynn – Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind) (1967): Review


Produced by Owen Bradley
Label – Decca

By 1967, Loretta Lynn was a well established artist, with a string of top 10 country & western singles and the archetypal rags to riches career to boot. “Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’…” would be her first long player that reached Gold selling status and the title track would become one of her most popular tunes. Recognised for her fearless confrontation of subject matter that many similar artists wouldn’t dare approach, her reputation and unflinching honesty would serve her well for a career spanning over 50 years. She composed outspoken songs that focused on blue-collar women’s issues, with themes about philandering husbands and persistent mistresses, inspired by issues she faced in her marriage. In many ways, her writing anticipated the feminist movement of the 1970s. The instrumental backing to her records was always the same; a rigid, prosaic style that defies the constraints of fashion and for that reason has a timeless feel.


Considering that much of the subject matter is so gritty, honest, and at times dark and despairing, the backing and tempo of the record is bouncy, with cheery steel guitar and melodious electric guitar accompaniment. The pick of the songs are self or co-written, and if there is a reservation it’s that of the 12 only three contain Lynn’s lyrical input. She would of course write more classics as her career developed, but as a collection, the quality self penned material seems lost in the traditional covers of other people’s tunes. That said, the title track, “Get What ‘Cha Got And Go” and the closer (“I Got Caught”), make this a worthy purchase if you like your country strictly traditional. For those looking for something more musically expansive, then this album may prove to be too timeworn to strike a chord.


Track Rating
1 – Don’t Come Home A Drinkin’ (with Lovin’ On Your Mind) (8)
2 – I Really Don’t Want To Know (7)
3 – Tomorrow Never Comes (6)
4 – There Goes My Everything (7)
5– The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight (6)
6 – Saint To Sinner (6)
7 – The Devil Gets His Dues (5)
8 – I Can’t Keep Away From You (6)
9 – I’m Living In Two Worlds (6)
10 – Get What Cha Got And Go (7)
11 – Making Plans (6)
12 – I Got Caught (7)

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