Eurythmics – We Too Are One (1989): Review


Produced by Dave Stewart and Jimmy Iovine
Label – RCA/Arista

The duet’s final original album release before Annie Lennox’s solo venture with 1992s “Diva”, and Dave Stewart’s continued Production efforts and work with his musical offshoot The Spiritual Cowboys. “We Two Are One” is probably the most accessible pop oriented recording of their career. There is none of the dramatic experimentation witnessed on their previous offering “Savage”, and on the whole the album passes as the safest of their back catalogue and rounds up few highlights for one of the most successful U.K recording artistes of the 80s.


The option for the safe route may have been necessitated by the traumas of the previous couple of years, and one can understand the desire for a return to the commerciality of previous albums such as “Be Yourself Tonight”, which had been their most successful release after “Sweet Dreams”. 1987s “Savage” album had received mixed reviews and poor sales, so the pair looked for familiar sound and material. This leads one to the overall assumption that the songs on “We Two Are One” have vague similarities, and one feels that some of the tunes “tread water” and don’t seem in any way fresh or challenging. The single “King And Queen Of America”, and the beautiful ballad “Angel” (which one feels is dedicated to the child Annie lost in 1988), are the highlights. The remainder of the collection, although well produced and performed, fails to ignite the listener.

A tired recording, leaning hard on past glories, they chose the right option by splitting straight after this release.


Track Listing
1. “We Two Are One” 4:32
2. “The King and Queen of America” 4:31
3. “(My My) Baby’s Gonna Cry” 4:54
4. “Don’t Ask Me Why” 4:21
5. “Angel” 5:10
6. “Revival” 4:06
7. “You Hurt Me (And I Hate You) 4:23
8. “Sylvia” 4:44
9. “How Long?” 4:41
10. “When the Day Goes Down”

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