Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: PJ Harvey – The Glorious Land


326 – PJ Harvey – The Glorious Land (2011)
Written by PJ Harvey
Produced by Flood, John Parish, Mick Harvey and PJ Harvey
Label – Island/Vagrant

It would take almost 20 years and seven studio albums of continuous quality recordings, before Polly Harvey reached her peak. Lyrically, “Let England Shake” was her most thought provoking collection, and the corresponding musical input as evocative as ever. “The Glorious Land” is one of a number of songs that could have made this list of 500 greatest songs, with it’s lonely bugle call, sinewy, twisting bass line and the call-and-response affair ingeniously linking war with our agricultural heritage. “How is our glorious country ploughed? Not with iron ploughs / The land is ploughed with tanks and feet.” Then, a chilling finale: “What is the glorious fruit of our land? The fruit is orphan children.”

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