Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Blur – Beetlebum


328 – Blur – Beetlebum (1997)
Written by Blur
Produced by Stephen Street
Label – Food

“Beetlebum” takes two of rock music’s biggest influences, The Beatles and Heroin use and delivers the giddy delights to the listener. The outro takes us on a stimulating journey that unbelievably doesn’t require any chemical dabbling. It’s as gloriously off balance as the band would ever get.

6 responses to “Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: Blur – Beetlebum

    • Actually, now I’ve checked…you’re right. He’s still my favourite Blur member for the record.

      • I’m not so sure. In the Blur days, I thought he was the most talented but since then, Albarn has impressed me with his resiliency and range of talent. Alex James is the best cheese maker though.

      • Have you tried his cheese? I’m in the States so getting hold of a slice would be difficult I guess. I take your point on Albarn’s resiliency but personally I think his output has been patchy. Just my opinion…no offense intended.

      • No offense taken. If you haven’t already, check out Albarn’s solo album. I quite like it. And no, I haven’t tried the cheese. I just assume that if the queen eats it, it must be better than anything Rowntree could make.

      • haha, true. I will give Albarn’s new album a listen on your recommendation. I’ll let you know next week.

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