Jennifer Rush – Jennifer Rush (1984): Review


Produced by Candy DeRouge and Gunther Mende
Label – CBS

One wonders who was responsible for the power ballad; a song beefed up using all possible synthetic methods. Love songs on steroids, with an attempt to capture the masculine rock music market by making it cool to like soppy ballads. Whatever the reason, the birth and development of this genre came about during the mid 1980s, and Jennifer Rush fully embraced it for this, her successful debut. Although American by birth, she would gain her popularity in Europe, particularly Germany, built on the massive selling “The Power Of Love”, which reached number one in numerous European countries. Born Heidi Stern in New York City, Rush’s father was an opera singer and her mother, a pianist. In 1982, she travelled to Germany to pursue a singing career and signed a deal with CBS/Columbia. Teaming up with producers and arrangers Gunther Mende and Candy De Rouge she recorded “Jennifer Rush”, a computer programmed electronic based musical soundscape with Rush’s strong vocal to the fore.


It was the sappy “Power Of Love” which would truly elevate her status, becoming one of the biggest selling UK singles of all time. It is one of the most nauseously annoying songs to ever reach the top. A slow burgeoning and cumbersome electronic backbeat and synth filled ballad, with some of the most remedial kindergarten kiss and tell teacher lyrics this reviewer has ever had the misfortune to listen to. The chorus for example, has the lines, “Cos’ I’m your Lady, and you are my man, whenever you need me, I’ll do all that I can”. Pass the sick bucket! The rest of the album follows in a similar vein, excruciatingly bad lyrics, and forgettable tunes leads one to sigh with relief at the sound of the needle on the run off groove. Oddly “The Power Of Love” was a number one U.S hit for Celine Dion, but when you think about it, who else could have covered the song?

“Jennifer Rush” is the usual terminal slobber which Europeans ludicrously seem to think passes off as rock, and it sucks.


Track Listing
1. “Madonna’s Eyes” C. deRouge / G. Mende / Mary Susan Applegate 3:30
2. “25 Lovers” C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush 3:37
3. “Come Give Me Your Hand” C. deRouge / G. Mende / Heidi Stern 3:49
4. “Nobody Move” Patrick Henderson / Richard Feldmann / Marcy Levy 3:32
5. “Never Gonna Turn Back Again” C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush 3:28
6. “Ring of Ice” C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush 3:50
7. “Into My Dreams” C. deRouge / G. Mende / H. Stern 3:50
8. “I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy)” C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush 4:20
9. “Surrender” Erich Klapperton / J. Rush 3:15
10. “The Power of Love” C. deRouge / G. Mende / J. Rush / M.S. Applegate 6:00

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