Julie Doiron – Woke Myself Up (2007): Review


Produced by Rick White
Label – Jagjaguwar/Endearing

The former singer of the long defunct lo-fi outfit Eric’s Trip returns with an album that although is titled as a solo work, contains input from members of the band. “Woke Myself Up” mixes her music of the past with a warm Alt. Folk, and has a quiet, unassuming domestic quality. And yet for all the home spun quaintness, there is an almost off handed disinterest in making a connection with the listener, and the album feels ostensibly a project of over riding self satisfaction for the contributors. There are a number of reasons for making this conclusion. On checking Julie’s own website there is no information on this album, not even a notice of release. Secondly, for a full price album to run at little over 28 minutes suggests that little thought was made for the cash strapped buyer. And yet, there are some pivotal organic sojourns to enjoy, even if they are sparse.


The quieter moments unfortunately highlight Doiron’s vocal deficiencies, off key and thin at times, with the instrumentally fleshed out songs such as “Don’t Wanna Be/Liked By You” seem to work best. Her lyrical input is personal, homely and at times childlike highlighted by the ode to her woken child “Woke Myself Up” and the simply romantic “The Wrong Guy”. And yet everything seems too restrained, too comfortable and lacks any really significant material to engage the listener beyond mere passing interest.

It’s all very domestic, safe, staid and pretty forgettable.


Track Listing
1.”I Woke Myself Up” – 2:45
2.”You Look So Alive” – 1:46
3.”Swan Pond” – 2:25
4.”Yer Kids” – 2:33
5.”I Left Town” – 2:42
6.”No More” – 2:15
7.”Don’t Wanna Be / Liked By You” – 2:53
8.”Dark Horse” – 3:22
9.”The Wrong Guy” – 3:36
10.”Me and My Friend” – 2:46
11.”untitled” – 2:54

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