Spinal Tap Discography: (Listen To The) Flower People & Other Favourites (1967)


Produced by Glynn Hampton – Cross
Label – Megaphone

Track Listing
1 (Listen To The) Flower People
2 Break Like The Wind
3 Green Leaves / Our Hideaway
4 Red Robin
5 A Good Different Thing
6 Rainy Day Sun [original UK pressing only]
7 (Again With The) Flower People
1 Have A Nice Death
2 Gimme Some Money [US pressing only]
3 Cups And Cakes [US pressing only]

Written by Ronnie Pudding, (Listen To The) Flower People was a U.K. number one hit and the band toured the world and elsewhere in celebration of its success. An alternative version of “Break Like The Wind” can be found on more recent recordings, but this original included Pudding on bass. “Green Leaves” was inspired by “Green Sleeves” and marijuana and introduces the song “Our Hideaway”. The song “Rainy Day Sun” appears on the U.K. pressing only, as it was thought that U.S. audiences would compare it unfavourably to The Beatles “I Am The Walrus”. ” Have A Nice Death” is the only Tap track to feature a drum solo from Eric Childs. The final two songs were added to the U.S. release in order to introduce fans to their U.K. success as The Thamesmen earlier in the decade.

2 responses to “Spinal Tap Discography: (Listen To The) Flower People & Other Favourites (1967)

  1. interesting isnt it to see how influential TAP have become, sad that the Beatles never credited them as a major talent, as they did with Brian Wilson.

    • And The Rolling Stones never credited The Thamesmen either Kenny. For example numerous early Stones songs borrow from “Gimme Some Money”.

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