Sports Stars Who Think They’re Musicians: Part 1

It’s not just actors and actresses that have delusional tendencies. Sports stars have disgraced themselves, their families and fans with musical atrocities. Here’s the first part of a continuing series.

Vinnie Jones – Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown
Not only did soccer’s hard man prove that he was a wooden actor, he went and recorded an album of covers on Telstar records in 2002 entitled “Respect”. Here he is on the UK show, Top Of The Pops.

Pat Cash And John McEnroe – Rock And Roll
Had it not been the fact that this original Led Zeppelin song was recorded for charity then one can offer at least a crumb of forgiveness. Roger Daltrey and various members of Iron Maiden have no excuse for this nonsense though.

Eddie (The Eagle) Edwards – Mun Niemi En Eetu
It seems not only the English love a ridiculous sporting loser. Finnish audiences were entranced by ski jumping flop Eddie Edwards. So much so in fact, that this song reached number 2 in their charts.

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