Aural Waterboarding: Torturous Records Pt 4


For those who always say that music was “better in the old days”, let’s remind ourselves of some big hits from the past in this continuing saga. You see, the world is full of cankerous musical drivel and it doesn’t matter which generation you’re from; there’s always a deluge of it.

Joe Dolce – Shaddap You Face (1980)

Australia has to carry the can for this shocker. Although Dolce was American, he found fame recording a stereotypical Italian characters and surprisingly reaching number one down under in November 1980, in the UK from February 1981 for three weeks; also No. 1 in Germany, France, Fiji, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland, but ironically not Italy. Famously kept Ultravox’s “Vienna” from the top spot.

Vengaboys – We’re Going To Ibiza (1999)

Vengaboys committed various musical atrocities, but this remains one of their most infamous. It’s a cover of Typically Tropical’s original and is often remembered for the mis-pronunciation of “Ibiza”.

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