Rock Stars In Bad Movies (Part 3)


Many a deluded rock star has believed that their talent can cross over to the silver screen and almost all of them have delivered works of undiluted sewage. Here’s the third part of a continuing series…

Musician: David Bowie
Movie: Labyrinth (1986)
Directed by Jim Hensen
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 66%

Forrest Hartman from The Reno Gazette/Journal said “More about wacky creatures and spectacular set pieces than emotion and coherent storytelling”. Bowie’s hairpiece was borrowed from Tina Turner.


Musician: Tina Turner
Movie: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)
Directed by George Miller and Angelo Rossitto
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 81%

Talking of Tina Turner, she co-starred with Mel Gibson in the third Mad Max movie. Christopher Null from stated ” Let’s face it, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome isn’t terribly memorable.”

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