Scandinavian Black And Death Metal: A Brief Introduction Part 3


Formed 1998: Stockholm Sweden


A rare death metal “supergroup” who have released 3 studio albums. The revolving line up contains only two constant members since their 1998 formation (Anders Nystrom and Jonas Renkse).

Formed 2002: Elverum Norway


The first demo “Deadworld” was recorded in 2004. A 7” EP was recorded in 2006 and released on No Posers Please! Records. In 2007 a couple of new tracks were recorded and a “somewhat unofficial” promo was made with the new songs and some older ones on it. The band split up in early 2010.

Formed 1989: Stromstad Sweden


Dissection were a notorious black/death metal band that achieved both success and infamy up until the suicide of Jon Nodtveidt in 2006. Nödtveidt was convicted of being an accessory to the 1997 murder of an Algerian gay man called Josef ben Meddour. He was released from prison in 2004, and restarted Dissection.

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