Sons And Daughters – This Gift (2008): Review


Produced by Bernard Butler
Label – Domino

As opening songs go, “Gilt Complex” couldn’t be a more succinct and appropriate representation of the contents to the Glaswegians third long player. It bursts with urgent riff smacking energy; direct garage punk overtones fuelled by Adele Bethel’s rousing vocals. Producer Bernard Butler has managed to encourage an increased melodious edge to the sound, but most importantly he and the band haven’t forgotten the trademark punchy group dynamism that evoked positive acclaim from their two previous releases “Love The Cup” and “The Repulsion Box”, with the difference being that this time Sons And Daughters are the real deal. Bethel spits interesting dramatic tales of provincial life like her life depends on it, all ably supported by guitarist Scott Paterson’s cranked up licks and shadowy backing vocals.


It’s difficult to pick highlights because frankly there’s a lot to admire. “Split Lips” is their most fully realized; hook filled power pop song and deserves to be a big hit. The jerky “Rebel With The Ghost” nods to the 60’s garage bands with a positive vitality. Bethel and Paterson’s dual “ah-ooo” vocals on the title track spark with bouncing originality, and “Iodine”, whilst not the most immediate track on the album, becomes engagingly impressive guitar pop after a number of listens. Without doubt, this is a definite step forward for a band that had previously never really fulfilled their early potential.

Third time lucky for Sons And Daughters? You betcha.


Track Listing
1.”Gilt Complex” – 3:39
2.”Split Lips” – 2:18
3.”The Nest” – 4:14
4.”Rebel with the Ghost” – 3:01
5.”Chains” – 2:37
6.”This Gift” – 4:06
7.”Darling” – 3:21
8.”Flags” – 3:08
9.”Iodine” – 3:02
10.”The Bell” – 2:46
11.”House in My Head” – 3:51
12.”Goodbye Service” – 4:37

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