Rock Stars In Bad Movies (Part 1)


Many a deluded rock star has believed that their talent can cross over to the silver screen and almost all of them have delivered works of undiluted sewage. Here’s the first in a continuing series…


Joe Strummer
Movie: Straight To Hell (1987)
Directed by Alex Cox
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 38%

Hal Hinson, in his review for the Washington Post wrote, “The action is so gratuitous, and so indifferently presented, that it’s impossible to think that Cox ever truly intended it to be seen by anyone outside of the cast and crew and their immediate families.”


Gene Simmons
Movie: Runaway (1984)
Directed by Michael Crichton
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 47%

Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote,”There are eyeball identification checks, and little gadgets that dart under cars in speeding traffic. Mr. Crichton is so clever with this sort of thing, in fact, that it’s a wonder he can’t make the human story more interesting”.

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