Car Crash Music TV: Brit Award Memories (Part 1)


The Brit Awards is the U.K. record industry’s annual exercise in mutual back slapping. Unfortunately, as the Brits organizers have discovered, pop stars aren’t always on their best behaviour.


Up until 1989 The Brit Awards ceremony had always been broadcast live. Guest presenters Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox were obviously ill prepared and made a memorable mess of pretty much everything. Their inexperience and a faulty auto-cue led to lines being frequently fluffed, mixed up and audiences had to endure some of the most painful pauses as the pair desperately attempted to ad-lib the technical difficulties away. A pre-recorded message from Michael Jackson was never transmitted, guests such as Julian Lennon arrived late on stage to announce nominees and winners and some guests turned up on stage without introduction (The Moody Blues John Lodge). The culmination and “highlight” of the whole debacle was Fleetwood and Fox’s introduction of The Four Tops to the stage, and a bemused Boy George appearing from behind the scenes, obviously wishing he was somewhere else. Organisers decided that the 1990 ceremony would be pre-recorded to avoid a repeat of this debacle.


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