Rock n’ Roll Suicide? Brian Jones


On 2nd July 1969, Brian Jones, the multi-instrumental founder of The Rolling Stones was found dead in the swimming pool of his Cotchford Farm home. A verdict of death by misadventure through alcohol and drug abuse was recorded following the police investigation. The case has been continually questioned, and almost 35 years on many questions remained un-answered regarding the fate of the 27 year old.

Undoubtedly Jones was in a fragile state. Recently fired by the band due to his inability to perform fundamental musical tasks, his world spiralling out of control as a result of drug and alcohol abuse; suicide would seem a logical explanation for his sad demise.

Consistently in the intervening years, more sinister elements have been expressed by witnesses who were in attendance at the party Jones hosted on the fateful day. His girlfriend Anna Wohlin and another party goer, nurse Janet Lawson have both stated that the star died at the hands of Frank Thorogood, Jones’ builder and security guard who had been fired on that very day.

It is rumoured that Thorogood confessed to the murder on his deathbed in 1993, but no evidence has ever been recorded or produced for further examination. It seems that the original verdict will never be re-investigated after this length of time and inevitably many still believe that his death was suicide.

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