Destiny’s Child – Survivor (2001): Review


Produced by Anthony Dent · K-Fam · Mark J. Feist · Rob Fusari · Beyoncé Knowles · Errol “Poppi” McCalla Jr ·
Falonte Moore · Poke & Tone · Rapture & E. Seats · Cory Rooney · J. R. Rotem · Dwayne Wiggins

Label – Columbia

Musically, one always knew that Destiny’s Child were going to be contrived, manufactured by a control hungry father and daughter team who were aware of the measures required for a long lasting successful pop career. “Survivor” would build on the success of “The Writing’s On The Wall” and make the Houston trio household names, the new Capitalist darlings of the advertising world. Internal strife between the group members over control and individual input issues continued to haunt them, even after the major league breakthrough at the end of the 90s. The group would lose Farrah Franklin after just 5 months, and the decision was made not to seek a replacement. But the hits kept rolling, and having secured a berth on the new “Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack”, released “Independent Women, Pt 1” which would dominate the top of the American pop charts for an amazing 11 weeks. It was now obvious that Beyonce Knowles had moved centre stage as the group’s leader and she would have a greater input into the “Survivor” album both as performer and spokeswoman, giving one the impression that the group were now a vehicle for her Solo activities.

destiny's child

The singles from the album vary in quality. The excellent “Survivor”, the average “Bootylicious”, the over hyped “Independent Women Pt 1”, and the awfully twee version of Andy Gibb’s “Emotion”. In summation, where quality comes through there is an equal, if not a greater amount of tripe to contend with. But by this time, the critical validity of their recordings seemed to matter little to their fan base who lapped up every song, video, and gleaming appearance, as they claimed the title as new champions of female R&B. Even the miserable “Nasty Girl” with its cover of the awful Baltimora single “Tarzan Boy”. or the over indulgent “Gospel Medley” can’t seem to slow the album sales, and fan worship. Soul less, calculated and empty, “Survivor” struggles to have any lasting temptation, and will sit un-played in your collection along with the later Mariah Carey albums.

Life is full of disappointments,…one day you’re up,…the next you’re listening to Destiny’s Child.


Track Listing
Independent Women Part I 3:41
Survivor 4:14
Bootylicious 3:27
Nasty Girl 4:17
Fancy 4:12
Apple Pie À La Mode 2:58
Sexy Daddy 4:06
Perfect Man 3:41
Independent Women Part II 3:45
Happy Face 4:19
Dance With Me 3:43
My Heart Still Beats 4:08
Emotion 3:56
Brown Eyes 4:36
Dangerously In Love 5:06
The Story Of Beauty 3:31
Gospel Medley 3:24
Outro (DC-3) Thank You 4.04

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