U.K. Grime Star Wiley Is Ejected From Canada


Wiley has been deported back to the U.K. after failing to get through immigration at Toronto airport. A concert planned for Hoxton’s in the city has obviously been cancelled. According to the artists’ Twitter feed the deportation is due to an arrest in the U.S. Canadian authorities would only allow entry with an approved work visa. Owing to a misunderstanding over flights he was sent back to Glasgow, not London, which further enraged the performer.

2 responses to “U.K. Grime Star Wiley Is Ejected From Canada

  1. Lol, well he’s there to work for an extended period of time, he needs to get a work visa. It took me months to get my student one and lots of paper work, but I’m pretty sure he’d have a secretary to do that. Just silly.

    • I think that one or two musicians just think they can walk into any country and don’t give visa’s a second thought. Like you I’ve just gone through the same process for a permanent visa for the U.S. It’s took about 10 months and loads of paperwork but finally got the go ahead on 20th March. Thanks for the comment

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