Genesis – …And Then There Were Three…(1978): Review


Produced by David Hentschel and Genesis
Label – Charisma/Virgin Atlantic

It’s amazing to think that the breakthrough U.S single, and the first U.K Top ten single for the band (the excellent “Follow You, Follow Me”), would be pulled from what was one of the worst albums of their career. 1978, musical climate revolutionised, vocalist and leader Peter Gabriel long gone and pursuing a successful solo career and guitarist and sometime songwriter Steve Hackett recently gone. One wonders whether the three remaining members of the band must have thought about their own futures in rock, particularly Collins, who was a member of another band (Brand X).


“And Then There Were Three” is the first album from the third phase in the evolution of Genesis and the most commercially successful. As a three piece, Collins had taken over all vocal duties, and Rutherford had taken on the guitar and bass instrumentation. The results of the new collaboration for this album can be best described as transitional. Considering the musical landscape of the time, it was right for Genesis to look for a change of direction, but in trying to look for a more commercial AOR radio friendly music the songs on the album are a clumsy mix of pseudo prog and gentle pop/rock. Only two songs manage to achieve what one could consider to be a fresh sound. “Follow You, Follow Me” and the Banks penned ballad “Many Too Many”. The rest is a hotch potch, not helped by some meaningless lyrics, particularly on the poor “Snowbound”, and “Scenes From A Nights Dream”, which sound like music from a long gone hippy era. The music buying public had by this time cut their hair.


Track Listing
1. “Down and Out” Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford 5:26
2. “Undertow” Banks 4:46
3. “Ballad of Big” Banks, Collins, Rutherford 4:50
4. “Snowbound” Rutherford 4:31
5. “Burning Rope” Banks 7:10
6. “Deep in the Motherlode” Rutherford 5:15
7. “Many Too Many” Banks 3:31
8. “Scenes from a Night’s Dream” Banks, Collins 3:30
9. “Say It’s Alright Joe” Rutherford 4:21
10. “The Lady Lies” Banks 6:08
11. “Follow You Follow Me” Banks, Collins, Rutherford 4:02

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