David Jordan – Set The Mood (2007): Review


Produced by Trevor Horn
Label – ZTT/Mercury

To the newly acquainted David Jordan could very easily be confused as another TV X Factor/Pop Idol candidate carefully nurtured for stardom. He’s 21, good looking, has all the moves and sings with the soul polish of a seasoned star. However, his route to fame came through writing and performing his own material whilst working at Starbucks and a chance encounter with Jill Sinclair, wife of famed producer and record company owner Trevor Horn. Sinclair heard the song “Sun Goes Down” and immediately pressed her husband into signing the young Londoner. His debut long player “Set The Mood” carries all the hallmarks of a ZTT/Horn production, carefully arranged with banks of string synths and stirring rhythms to enhance Jordan’s mix of tenor and falsetto. The album’s backdrop compares favourably with Seal’s 90s material and the voice bears similarities with Justin Timberlake. The album was promoted with the lead single “Place in My Heart,” which was made available as a free download on the website of the British newspaper The Sun; an astute piece of marketing as it placed Jordan in the national conscience. The follow up single “Sun Goes Down” proved Jill Sinclair’s hunch was correct and made it to number five in the UK charts.


Overall “Set The Mood” is an astute piece of adult soul/pop, very much belying Jordan’s tender age. The songs generally have strong hooks and rhythms and the singer’s performance is confident albeit slightly generic at times. The singles are the star attractions, particularly “Sun Goes Down”, which is unusual as it carries an almost traditional East European pumped up beat to enhance Jordan’s carefree tale. The title track is undoubtedly the most seductive with its relaxed piano backing and cool crescendo as Horn increases the instrumental accompaniment and allows the singer free rein to deliver his most assured performance on the album. However Jordan can drift into boy band parody mode and “Move On” and the wishy washy ballad “Sweet Prince” would have been better served on a collection from Boyzone or 5ive.

Taken collectively though, “Set The Mood” is a promising debut and if Jordan can maintain his ties with Horn, there is potentially an enduring career ahead for the singer.


Track Rating
1 – On The Money 7
2 – Place In My Heart 8
3 – Sun Goes Down 8
4 – Set The Mood 9
5 – Love Song 8
6 – Move On 6
7 – Sweet Prince 6
8 – If I’m In Love 7
9 – Glorious Day 6
10 – Only Living Soul 8
11 – Fight The World 7

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