Razorlight – Razorlight (2006): Review


Produced by Razorlight and Chris Thomas
Label – Mercury/Vertigo

Whatever your views on Razorlight leader Johnny Borrell, he does have an enigmatic self promoting charisma that can polarize listeners and at least draws attention to his music. For a former Libertine shock media tactics seem assumed and for all the man’s bolshie rhetoric he will never outdo his nemesis Pete Doherty who demands attention by just being Pete Doherty; a man of many actions and ambitions, few of them musical. And yet, Borrell wields a fast paced strike at all the detractors who cite Razorlight as merely Strokes/Libertines revivalists hitching a ride on the UK indie explosion. In the space of 10 songs and at just 35 minutes Borrell lays down his pop declaration and confirms his band’s place as a frontrunner in the battle for the nations musical affection. For Razorlight are no Indie music “Wunderkinds” and Borrell is no lyrical icon or voice of a generation. As “Razorlight”, the bands sophomore release proves, Borrell is a classic pop hook writer and the album is jam packed with them.


Kicking off with “In The Morning” Razorlight continue the rousing upbeat burst started on their debut album “Up All Night”. It swaggers and struts unashamedly; guitars chopping, as Borrell unapologetically sings “In the morning, you know you won’t remember a thing”. All the late nights celebrating his celebrity have made him…well ready for more. Where the band opted for brash and raw delivery on their debut, the sound has been smoothed and although still very much guitar pop, “America” grabs the jugular with its beautifully sweet intro and one of the strongest hooks of the decade. The lyrics are incredibly banal; let’s be honest Borrell’s not a great lyricist, but in the mainstream world of music lyrical skill isn’t vital. Much credit has to go to Swedish lead guitarist Bjorn Agren, who appears to have improved since their last recording and the standout songs “America”, “I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got” and “Kirby’s House” all benefit from his input. Aside from the tedious adolescent musing about everything and nothing “Razorlight” is a fine return and an equal to their breakthrough in every sense.

Brash insistent melodies, bursting for your attention, Razorlight have marked their return with a credible and credit worthy follow up. But Johnny would have told you that anyway.


Track Listing
1.”In the Morning” – 3:42
2.”Who Needs Love?” – 3:32
3.”Hold On” – 3:26
4.”America” – 4:10
5.”Before I Fall to Pieces” – 3:22
6.”I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got” – 3:26
7.”Pop Song 2006″ – 2:41
8.”Kirby’s House” – 2:51
9.”Back to the Start” – 3:12
10.”Los Angeles Waltz” – 4:39

In The Morning


I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got

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