The Doors – Strange Days (1967): Review


Produced by Paul Rothchild
Label – Elektra

Following the success of their self titled debut, The Doors quickly followed up and continued the momentum with “Strange Days”. Finding material for the album wasn’t difficult as the band had built up a large catalogue of songs from their live shows, and under the expert hand of producer Paul Rothchild almost reproduced the quality of the predecessor. That said, although “Strange Days” isn’t as memorable as “The Doors”, it’s still a top notch album with typical Doors classics such as “People Are Strange” and “Love Me Two Times”.


Musically “Strange Days” continues the psychedelic pop/rock tinged with blues and occasional extravagant arty exploration that would make them one of the foremost American bands of the decade. Lyrically, Morrison further explores his idiosyncratic eccentricities and his inner loneliness through the excellent explosive opener “Strange Days” and the breathtakingly hooky “People Are Strange”. The ballads are good too, particularly the haunting “You’re Lost Little Girl”, which builds around an eerie verse and rousing chorus all topped by Morrison’s commanding baritone. Guitarist Robbie Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzerek fill their blues boots on the catchy Honky Tonk of “Love Me Two Times” and although the 11 minute intensity of the closer “When The Music’s Over” never matches “The End” from their debut, it still sits comfortably within this collection. Avoid the outlandish “Horse Latitudes” as the one song from the album where the egocentric Morrison pushes the boundary of decent listening beyond discerning musical pleasure and into fantasy bombastic drivel.

“Strange Days” is wholly original, tempestuously brilliant at times and deserves your full attention.


Track Listing
1. “Strange Days” 3:11
2. “You’re Lost Little Girl” 3:03
3. “Love Me Two Times” 3:18
4. “Unhappy Girl” 2:02
5. “Horse Latitudes” 1:37
6. “Moonlight Drive” 3:05
7. “People Are Strange” 2:13
8. “My Eyes Have Seen You” 2:32
9. “I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind” 3:26
10. “When the Music’s Over” 10:58

Love Me Two Times

People Are Strange

Strange Days

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