Dance Music Explained: Trip Hop


BPM 80 – 110

Mood music with slow minimalist break beats, deep abstract samples to add to the intensity. Comes from a love of old school hip hop, often mixed with soundtrack albums and TV and film themes from the 60s. Japanese deck master DJ Krush combined forces with up and coming DJ Shadow for one of the early releases with 1994’s “Lost And Found (SFL)”.

Trip Hop came to the masses in that very same year via the Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons and Adrian Utley collective, Portishead. Here’s “Numb”, their first single.

Re-mixer, musician and record label owner James Lavelle (better known as U.N.K.L.E) released the EP/mini LP “The Time Has Come” which included tracks from Portishead, Howie B, Plaid and The Major Force EMS Orchestra.

And of course, who can forget another major contributor to trip hop, DJ Shadow. Here’s “Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt” from his debut LP “Endtroducing…” from 1996.

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