New Elbow Album Set For Take Off


Elbow release their 6th studio long player, “The Take Off And Landing Of Everything” on 10th March 2014. The album has been preceded by a single released yesterday (27/01) and titled “New York Morning”. Recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios and their own Blueprint Studio in Salford during the last two years, it was interrupted by singer Guy Garvey’s temporary move to New York to help write music for the “King Kong” musical which continues to play in Melbourne and is due a Broadway debut in the near future.

Whilst in New York Garvey took in influences from the music scene including Grizzly Bear, Here We Go Magic, Antibalas, White Rabbit and the now defunct LCD Soundsystem. “I love music that’s impulsive and vital, and they’ve got that in spades in Brooklyn”.


The two week stint at Real World was a welcome return for the band. Their debut album, 2001s “Asleep At The Wheel” was recorded there, and Garvey feels its importance to their development. “What we achieved there defined our sound for the next 12 years and we haven’t been back as a band since. We wanted to return and see if we could take another fork in the road.”

Garvey’s lofty ambitions are for the album to be something listeners can “explore”. “Something for the headphones or the car. That’s how I always loved music the most”. As for the lyrical content, the singer comments “I don’t have a problem with the lightness and positivity I naturally gravitate toward, and it’s still about escapism to us. But you can be inky and noir-ish without writing only about frustration”.

The track listing for the album is as follows.
1.”This Blue World” – 7:12
2.”Charge” – 5:17
3.”Fly Boy Blue/Lunette” – 6:22
4.”New York Morning” – 5:26
5.”Real Life (Angel)” – 6:46
6.”Honey Sun” – 4:44
7.”My Sad Captains” – 5:59
8.”Colour Fields” – 3:37
9.”The Take Off and Landing of Everything” – 7:14
10.”The Blanket of Night” – 4:14

And here’s the lead off single, “New York Morning”.

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