Daryl Hall & John Oates – Do It For Love (2003): Review


Produced by Daryl Hall, Brian Rawling, Sheppard Goodman, Kenny Gioia, Mark Taylor
Label – U-Watch/Sanctuary

Over 30 years of recording and still going strong one would think, but on listening to “Do It For Love”, one is left with the feeling that Hall & Oates have gone one album too far, and the glory days of the 70s and early 80s are just a lukewarm soul memory from a bygone era. Big record company deals are long gone and the fan base has diminished to the die-hards, who will probably still find some limited appeal in this collection, but the hits aren’t there anymore and although the duo can still hold a tune, there is nothing on this album that would suggest anything other than coining a title from “Big Bam Boom” (“Going Through The Motions”).


The songs are easy going pop, mostly acoustic, which could have been recorded by any second rate boy band, and they are only identifiable by Hall’s distinctive soul and falsetto tones. They display a complete lack of identity, a lack of ideas and a commitment to the mundane. The title track for example could have been a recent single by Boyzone or Westlife, with the only difference being that the parents of teenage girls (who would find this sort of music appealing), would shudder at the thought of an unhealthy interest in two rockers in their mid 50s. Maybe the time is right for the duo to start writing songs for the boy bands.

Sadly, “Do It For Love” is dull, tired and empty.


Track Listing
1.”Man on a Mission” – 3:44 (Hall, Oates, Paul Barry, Steve Torch)
2.”Do It for Love” – 3:58 (Hall, Oates, Billy Mann, Paul Pesco)
3.”Someday We’ll Know” (Gregg Alexander, Danielle Brisebois, Debra Holland) – 4:28 featuring Todd Rundgren
4.”Forever for You” – 4:37 (Oates, Barry, Torch, Mark Taylor)
5.”Life’s Too Short” – 3:30 (Hall, Oates, Mann)
6.”Getaway Car” (Gary Haase, Billy Mann) – 3:49
7.”Make You Stay” – 3:41 (Hall, Oates, Mann, Pesco)
8.”Miss DJ” – 3:49 (Hall, Mann, Greg Fitzgerald, Tom Nichols)
9.”(She) Got Me Bad” – 3:16 (Fitzgerald, Nichols)
10.”Breath of Your Life” – 3:55 (Hall, Fitzgerald, Nichols)
11.”Intuition” – 4:10 (Barry, Mann, Taylor)
12.”Heartbreak Time” – 4:06 (Oates, Barry, Taylor, Torch)
13.”Something About You” – 4:02 (Hall, Sara Allen, David Bellochio)
14.”Love in a Dangerous Time” – 4:56 (Oates, Arthur Baker, Tom Farragher)

Do It For Love

Someday We’ll Know

Getaway Car

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