Hackskeptic’s 500 Greatest Songs: R.E.M. – Man On The Moon


407 – R.E.M. – Man On The Moon (1992)
Written by Stipe, Buck, Mills and Berry
Produced by Scott Litt and R.E.M.
Label – Warner Bros

One of the most band’s most enduring songs came at a time when they were creatively unstoppable and it would be reasonable to assume that anything from their 1992 collection “Automatic For The People” could make this list. That said “Man On The Moon” is a perfect snapshot of this period in that it combines deliciously insistent melodies with lyrics of intelligent intrigue. For those who were around at the time were reminded of Andy Kaufman’s ludicrous genius. For those who weren’t, then this song led them scrabbling around video stores for old SNL or Taxi episodes. A perfect tribute? You bet.

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